Active Release Technique

Axtive Release Technique What is causing the pain?

Soft tissue conditions often do not show up in radiographic studies. When soft tissue has been inured, or even chronically tight, it forms scar tissue. While necessary for healing, scar tissue may stick to adjacent structures restricting range of motion and may cause compression over nerves or blood vessels. This condition alters the texture of soft tissue, which an experienced ART provider can diagnose and treat.

The Active Release Techniques (ART) Soft Tissue Management System is a highly successful approach to injuries of the muscles, tendons, facia, nerves and surrounding tissue. Examples of these conditions include disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff syndrome, chronic lower back pain, and hyper extension/flexion injury (whiplash) as well as numerous sports injuries.

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Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology is a method of testing muscle strength to detect instabilities and weakness in muscle activity. This treatment will balance muscle strength and function and enhance performance.

Cox Flexion/Distraction

Cox Flexion/Distraction is a method of applying controlled distraction or stretching to specific spinal segments with the assistance of a mechanical table which tractions the lower spine in order to gently relieve the pressure of the lumbar spinal nerves and disc. This technique is preferred treatment in acute and severe cases of low back pain including disc herniations, sciatica and spinal stenosis as well as cases of severe osteoarthritis.

Diversified Gonstead

This is the most common technique of adjusting. Diversified Gonstead uses a variety of adjusting techniques to detect subluxations and to create motion in a vertebra joint. These mobilization techniques are very effective in the treatment of back pain.

Extremity Adjusting

Extremity Adjusting is an adjustment or manipulation used to correct joint fixations anywhere in the body other than the spine.  Joints can become misaligned and cause pain in the same manner as the spine. Athletes in particular find significant benefits with this type of adjusting.   Extremity Adjusting can restore and enhance joint function, which can increase the life of a joint and keep wear and tear to a minimum.


FAKTRFAKTR (pronounced FACTOR) is a concept, not a technique, to evaluate and treat soft tissue/fascial conditions. The acronym stands for Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehab.

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Laura BennettThe Graston Technique is a revolutionary method of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that is used in the detection and treatment of scar tissue formation in muscles, tendons, and ligaments that can lead to pain and dysfunction. The Graston Technique allows the doctor to detect and treat these areas utilizing a stainless steel instrument that glides along the patient's tissue, breaking up these restrictions and adhesions. The greatest benefit is the amount of improvement that takes place in a short period of time.

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K-1200 LASER

U.S. Olympic Triathlon Team Member Julie ErtelLaser therapy or "photobiomoduation," is the use of specific wavelengths of light (red and near infrared) to create therapeutic effects. The effects include improved healing time, pain reduction, increased circulation, and decreased swelling.

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Kinesio Taping


Kinesio taping gives support and stability to your muscles and joints without affecting circulation or range of motion. Kinesio taping is a theraputic system of taping in which a specialized elastic tape is applied over and around muscles and joints to reduce pain and inflammation. It has the ability to relax tired, overused muscles and to support muscles in movement on a 24 hour a day basis.

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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy and Chiropractic go hand in hand.

You can benefit in numerous ways by adding massage to your chiropractic care.  Massage increases circulation, which in turn, reduces painful swelling and inflammation.  Massage can also release chronically contracted muscles and fascia, improve the balance between muscle groups, and promote healthful circulation.  A massage before a chiropractic adjustment is beneficial because the muscles and soft tissue are already relaxed.  The adjustment will last longer because muscle tension has been released and the joints are less likely to pull out of alignment again.  Chiropractic care and massage therapy work in unison not only treating the isolated symptom, but also resolving the cause of your pain.  Used together they can help you maintain optimum health, recovery and performance.



Foot Levelers LogoFoot Levelers is an individually designed stabilizing orthotic providing whole body support by effectively balancing your feet—The body's foundation.

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Sacral Occipital Technique

Sacro-Occipital Technique is a diagnostic treatment involving sacral and cranial distortions to improve circulation of cerebrospinal fluid.

Sport Specific Rehabilitation

Advanced Wellness Fitness and Rehabilitation Gym

At Advanced Wellness Sports and Chiropractic Center we offer sports specific rehabilitation and therapeutic exercises in our fully equipped rehabilitation center.  Functional resistive and stabilizing exercises will help you improve your physical strength, performance and ability to avoid future injury. Our sport specific exercise plans will be custom tailored by Dr. Keith for your particular sport.

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Thompson Technique


The Thompson Technique is a light and gentle approach where no muscle guarding or tenderness is produced with the adjustment.  This technique is performed on a table in which the supporting cushions drop an inch or two and then a thrust is applied to the spine.