Foot Levelers LogoFoot Levelers is an individually designed stabilizing orthotic providing whole body support by effectively balancing your feet—The body's foundation.

Foot Levelers BalanceBalance is so much more than an even distribution of weight. It is the basis of wellness. When a structure's foundation is weak, it begins to break down. The same holds true with the human body. If your feet do not get proper support from footwear, simple activities and movement such as walking or running can eventually pull your body out of alignment, causing stress and fatigue to your lower body. The feet are the most abused parts of the human body, while constantly absorbing the force generated by weight combined with gravity. Without proper support, your feet will feel overwhelmed by the constant stress.


FOOT LEVELERS orthotics are specifically made for you:


Foot Levelers Feet GraphicMost orthotic companies only support one arch. When only one arch is being supported the problem may shift to another part of the body. FOOT LEVELERS stabilizing orthotics support the three interconnected arches of your feet, the plantar vault. Using digital images of the feet, stabilizing orthotics are designed based on a patient's particular postural problems. Foot Levelers Balance ChartThis ensures that your orthotic is tailored to your specific stabilizing needs for long- term symptom relief by providing shock absorption and support through each phase of the gait cycle.
At Advanced Wellness, before your feet are scanned for orthotics, we examine and adjust your spine and feet. Your feet are scanned by the FOOT LEVELERS system after necessary adjustments have been administered so you are purchasing a custom orthotic based on a properly aligned body.