Active Release Technique

Axtive Release Technique What is causing the pain?

Soft tissue conditions often do not show up in radiographic studies. When soft tissue has been inured, or even chronically tight, it forms scar tissue. While necessary for healing, scar tissue may stick to adjacent structures restricting range of motion and may cause compression over nerves or blood vessels. This condition alters the texture of soft tissue, which an experienced ART provider can diagnose and treat.

The Active Release Techniques (ART) Soft Tissue Management System is a highly successful approach to injuries of the muscles, tendons, facia, nerves and surrounding tissue. Examples of these conditions include disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff syndrome, chronic lower back pain, and hyper extension/flexion injury (whiplash) as well as numerous sports injuries.

Professional Triathlete Greg Bennett ART Systems provide a way to diagnose and treat the underlying adhesions that cause symptoms of numbness, tingling, burning and aching. Trained providers are able to diagnoseU.S. Triathlon Olympic Team Member Laura Bennett the presence of abnormal inflammation and adhesion by examining tissue texture, tension and movement.



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